Mergers and acquisitions

Our clients are also large multinational companies whose activities call for the provision of legal services in the area of mergers and acquisitions. Given this fact, we have lots of experience in the area of merging, reorganising and acquiring corporations. Our legal services in this area include primarily legal protection of acquisitions, and transfers of shares or interests including depository custody of funds or securities.

In connection with the reorganization of corporations, we mainly provide our clients with the following legal services:
  • legal review of the subject-matter of the acquisition (legal due diligence), including a final report on the findings. The due diligence report contains a set of information about legal aspects of the assets and liabilities of corporations, as well as detailed information about individual obligational legal relationships by which a corporation being acquired is bound, employer-employee relationships, and a summary of lawsuits conducted, including legal and actual risks related to litigation (prognosis of the result of lawsuits and actual enforceability of claims);
  • preparation or revision of comprehensive contractual documents relating to transfers of enterprises (contracts for the transfer of shares, contracts for the sale of shares (=stock), contracts for the sale of a business);
  • preparation or revision of comprehensive contractual documents in connection with securing funding for acquisitions, including security contract instruments;
  • participation in negotiations on the sale of a business, transfer of shares or the sale of shares (=stock), and active work leading to an agreement on the content of the contractual documents associated with a transaction, all in accordance with the client’s interests and in such a way that the content of the documentation is acceptable to the contractual partners;
  • legal protection for restructuring of the acquired corporation, including settlement of the transaction / acquisition carried out;
  • comprehensive legal services relating to acquisitions in the area of public law, particularly from the viewpoint of protection from economic competitors and other public regulators (securing of public requirements for acquisitions);
  • representation of clients during registration in the Commercial Register in connection with the completed mergers or acquisitions.

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