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Our law office is one of the few firms in the Moravian-Silesian Region engaged in the construction and export of investment units, all of which includes legal consultancy in connection with the procurement of competitive bids, procurement of sufficient capacity, funding and implementation of investment units at the place of supply. Lawyers from our office actively participated, for example, in ensuring the construction of a power plant in the Russian Federation, a meat-processing plant in Sudan, and a network of petrol stations in the Ukraine.

In connection with the delivery of investment units, we are able to provide you with comprehensive legal consultancy, including securing the cooperation of law firms, based at the project implementation site, with which it is necessary to cooperate in the cross-border delivery of investment units.

In connection with the implementation of investment units, we provide mainly:
  • elaboration of tender documentation, including drafting of work contracts and bank guarantees, all in such a way that an application for competitive bids is in accordance with tender documentation of the contracting entity and with laws concerning public contracts;
  • legal advice on ensuring production and other capacities, insurance and other necessary elements in connection with competitive bids;
  • legal consultancy in preparing applications for subsidies and other forms of public support from national sources or from structural funds of the European Community;
  • preparation of work contracts, security agreements, contracts for transportation and other contracts with the investor, with intellectual property rights and protective interests being concurrently taken into consideration;
  • preparation of contracts with subcontractors and banks, including securing funding for the project / delivery (proposals and revisions of bank guarantees, credit agreements, documentary letters of credit, credit contracts) and transportation;
  • preparation and revision of contractual documents relating to insurance of the project implementation or individual parts thereof (stipulation of conditions for insurance coverage of the supplier and subcontractors, all in relation to insuring production, transportation, and liability for damage caused to third persons and others);
  • in case of foreign investment projects, we supervise the foundation and management of permanent establishments of the investor, arrange for a local law office at the place of the implementation of the investment, and in connection with this we carry out the founding of a subsidiary of the investor, or its establishment at the investment implementation site;
  • handling of lawsuits and arbitrations in connection with investment units; in case the lawsuit is localized abroad, legal representation is carried out in cooperation with a law office in the place of jurisdiction.

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