Real property and development

Our law office offers corporations and individual persons comprehensive legal services in connection with the purchase, construction, administration, and operation of real property. We have lots of experience in transfers of real property as well as lease relations for both residential and non-residential premises. Our office also legally protected a number of significant development projects, which involves the regulation of material rights to land (e.g., purchase of land, easement or lease relations), dealing with authorities about any possible change in the land-use plan, contractual documents relating to the preparatory phase of a project (for project documentation processing), building permit procedure, contractual documents relating to the implementation phase of the project (work contracts, purchase contracts, credit agreements, security agreements, and others according to current needs).

Our office prepared legal documentation and provided consultancy in connection with, for example, the construction of a multi-purpose hall in Opava, a wide range of production / industrial facilities, and university residence halls.

In connection with legal relations to real property and development projects, we are able to offer you, in particular:
  • preparation of contractual documents relating to transfers of real property (e.g., sales pre-contracts, purchase contracts);
  • preparation of contractual documents in connection with the construction of family or residential buildings, industrial plants or production facilities (e.g., a work contract);
  • Custodial deposit of funds in the deposit account of an attorney (recommended legal service in connection with transferring real property and securing control over the flow of funds, which is - along with other legal services - secured by the attorneys’ professional liability insurance);
  • preparation of lease or sublease contracts in relation to real property;
  • preparation of contracts for real property management;
  • legal consultancy in the preparation and implementation of investment and development projects including consultancy related to the funding of projects or collaborations - cooperation of more investors for the purpose of implementing more extensive projects (e.g., contracts of association and credit agreements, including security agreements);
  • complete processing of contractual documents for investors and developers (e.g., work contracts, contracts for the creation of architectural work, management contracts, agency contracts);
  • legal consultancy and representation in negotiations with building authorities, preservation offices, and environmental protection bodies;
  • representation in administrative proceedings when obtaining a planning or building permit (building permit procedure) and in land registry offices in connection with a change in the records of a land register;
  • representation in legal disputes relating to real property, and legal relations related to preparation and implementation of development projects.

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