Civil law

We consider civil law to be a basic branch of civil law. In connection with civil law relations, we usually provide legal services to individual persons, but we do deal with legal entities as well. The subject-matter is predominantly legal relations to real property and family-law relations - as regards joint marital property, contractual relations between individual / non-business persons themselves, or between an individual / non-business person on one side and a business person on the other - as well as issues of protecting personal rights, protecting consumers and liability for damage.

In particular, our office provides the following legal services in the area of civil law:
  • transfers of real property, including representation in land registry offices and deposit custody of funds (comprehensive implementation of transfers of real property);
  • drafting of documents and consultancy relating to a security interest, lien or easement;
  • legal representation in connection with protection of an ownership right;
  • drafting of documents and consultancy relating to ownership of flats and lease relations;
  • legal regulations of co-ownership relations (creation, changes, cancellation and settlement of co-ownership);
  • legal regulations of joint marital property (changes and settlement of joint marital property);
  • legal relations relating to liability for damage;
  • legal relations relating to liability for unjust enrichment;
  • drafting of documents - unilateral, bilateral and multi-lateral legal actions - on the basis of which contractual relationships arise, change or cease to exist;
  • drafting of documents in connection with the protection of personal rights;
  • legal representation in the area of consumer protection;
  • preparation of consumer contracts and the resolution of related issues;
  • assertion of invalidity, unenforceability, right to withdrawal from a contract and other defects of legal actions;
  • conducting lawsuits relating to civil cases.

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