In providing our services we try to accommodate the wishes of clients as much as possible, from the points of view of both subject-matter and time. We guarantee the professional and rapid provision of legal services, focused directly on the goal. Our policy is to provide clients with complete and undistorted information about each of their legal cases. We search for the most appropriate, economical and efficient way of dealing with a legal problem. The phrases "it can’t be done" and "such a solution is impossible" are used by us very rarely, and only if there really are no ways out or alternatives.

In providing our services, we put an emphasis on promptness and quality of the work done, legal certainty of the client, efficiency, and achievement of the goal intended by the client. The availability of lawyers from our office also relates to this. They are always available via e-mail and telephone.

All our services are performed in a comprehensive manner, so clients do not have to burden themselves with anything. They merely wait for the result.

Our law office provides services to not only self-employed persons, companies, cooperatives and public entities, but also to the general public. We try to be helpful to anyone who is dealing with acute difficulties or making important life decisions. You can rely on our maximum discretion and openness; we will find the most favourable option for you so that you are able to understand how things work, understand the issue in legal terms, and are able to make an informed decision on the basis of all information and possible options in dealing with the given problem. We are especially interested in your satisfaction, and thereby in spreading the good reputation of our office.

You may also contact us for the purpose of a single consultation which will outline for you possible ways of dealing with a specific legal issue, and show you the path to its solution. In other words, after the first consultation you will know what kind of situation you are in, what it will be necessary to do, and what the expected result will be. Whether you make use of our further legal services - which will be offered to you upon request in connection with the issue consulted – is up to you. In case we assume your legal representation, it is possible to agree upon a fixed and unsurpassable sum for legal representation, which will guarantee the complete predictability of the price for legal services. We are ready to provide all services on a "turnkey" basis - without you having to take care of anything. You just wait for the result. However, you will be continuously informed of every step we take.

More detailed information about the legal services provided by our office can be found in the right part of the website, divided into:
  • services for the general public
  • services for entrepreneurs and public entities

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