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We have extensive experience in the area of litigation and arbitral proceedings. We consider the area of contested rights to be a priority of our activities, for it means the thorough protection of the interests of our clients. We have a sophisticated internal system of record-keeping and litigation tactics. Thanks to the use of e-justice and e-insolvency services, we have immediate access to information about everything that happens in the ongoing judicial proceeding, as a result of which we are able to respond, promptly and with the utmost vigour, to the legal actions and conduct of the party to the proceedings who stands against our client. Our clients are always informed of all the substantial changes and developments in each of their specific cases.

Our office usually represents clients in the following areas of contested rights:
  • recovery of debt;
  • proceedings related to real rights (ownership rights, security interests, liens, easements);
  • proceedings related to obligational relationships (entitlements from contracts, entitlements from liability for damage, entitlements from liability for unjust enrichment);
  • proceedings related to securities;
  • proceedings related to unfair competition;
  • labour-law disputes;
  • proceedings related to intellectual property rights (copyrights and industrial rights);
  • divorce proceedings;
  • proceedings to settle joint marital property;
  • arbitral proceedings (arbitrations).

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