HULVA & PARTNERS Competitive Advantages

HULVA & PARTNERS competitive advantages compared to employed corporate lawyers
  • Only entrepreneurs can provide the best advice to entrepreneurs.
  • Time flexibility. We’ll be available to you 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Certificates of knowledge and experience as a guarantee of the quality of our services. Our knowledge is proven through bar exam and 25 years in the legal services market.
  • We work in real time. You won’t have to wait for our outcomes.
  • Our team of 5 lawyers will be available to you. We’ll always have time for you.
  • Technology. We have the latest systems, technologies and software.
  • Liability insurance with an indemnity limit of 50 000 000 CZK (approx. 2 000 000 EUR) for each single claim.
  • You can terminate the contract on legal services provision at any time without giving a reason.
  • Saving you money.
    You will only use our services and pay for them if you need them. Our services also include costs for their implementation. You won’t pay any charges for social or health insurance. You won’t pay employee liability insurance. You won’t pay holiday pay. You won’t pay for technologies, software, specialist publications or specialist training of employees. You won’t pay for any employee benefits or company cars. Leave these costs to us. Costs for a company lawyer employed by you with a salary of 25 000 CZK gross represents in real terms – if the employee is to perform his duties properly – approx. 80 000 CZK per month. Our services will be far cheaper for you (just a fraction of these costs).

HULVA & PARTNERS market competitive advantages
  • We are progressively creating a new legal services standard.
  • We have experience representing large corporations and full legal services outsourcing for businesses. That’s what we specialise in.
  • Constant development of our outcomes and our experience over 25 years operating on the market.
  • We can provide you with verifiable references regarding the operation of our offices and implementation of legal affairs management for businesses of a similar nature to yours.
  • Extra insurance with an indemnity limit of 50 000 000 CZK (approx. 2 000 000 EUR) for each separate case.
  • Our 5-member highly knowledgeable team of lawyers are interchangeable.
  • The latest technologies and software ensure fast, effective and error-free work.
  • Representative premises for legal proceedings at our headquarters.
  • The notice period for ending legal consultation will correspond to your requirements.
  • Our lawyers have the following language knowledge at a communicative level at least: English, German, French, Polish.
  • Our lawyers are also undertaking training in other fields. In particular economics, management, marketing, human resources; all in order to provide you with comprehensive assistance in managing your business. We are entrepreneurs ourselves.
  • We will also effectively assist you in acquiring new business opportunities – customers and suppliers.
  • We are planning further development of our office including the provision of additional premium services. We anticipate development of our office both in terms of capacity and also from the perspective of substantive expansion of the services we offer to our clients in other fields related to the legal profession.

What makes HULVA & PARTNERS unique?
  • HULVA & PARTNERS is a law firm designed for representing corporate clientele. We know their needs. We know their ideas. We are a cutting edge law office for business consultancy.
  • We have achieved operational excellence.
  • We have achieved very high expertise in our field.
  • We are closer to our clients; our services are built on maximum trust with our clients.
  • Our interest above all is your prosperity. This makes our law firm sought-after and a reliable business for long-term co-operation.
  • An interdisciplinary approach. We don’t look at an issue merely from a legal perspective, but also from a business, interpersonal and economic perspective. The result is the optimal solution to the situation.
  • We are results-focused.
  • We always keep our word.


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